John Wilson

These Three is a podcast series in which John Wilson talks to leading artistic figures about their creative lives, their key influences and what continues to inspire them. Each guest focuses on three works: one they made, one they wish they’d made, one that they’re making right now.

John Wilson is a presenter and producer, best known for the BBC Radio 4 arts programme Front Row and the music series Mastertapes. He has interviewed countless musicians, authors, artists, actors, directors and other creative people across a huge range of genres for many years.

John says: I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process, what it is that inspires artists to make work that means so much to them personally but which can resonate with millions of people around the world. In my experience great artists are often reluctant look back, but when they do - to reflect on a work they are proud of - they can surprise themselves. All artists look to the work of others for inspiration and are delighted to discuss their heroes. And many will be as excited by the work they are currently making as anything they’ve done before, however great the greatest hits may be. These Three is a fantastic chance to bring it all together in one conversation. Enjoy!